money. scarcity. control. an experiment

Though we are living in unprecedented abundance, many of us experience scarcity, and money appears to be the source of it. In capitalism relationship to money is designed around control. Accounting, spreadsheets, debit and credit. Control is implicitly needed because there´s too much desire and there´s too little of resources. Control is a rationale, which is a matter of course and needs not to be discussed. Control is a shadow principle. It is rooted in the survival Ego states.

How could relating to the moneyworld evolve in an adult way, and not out of survival?

How does it go, being conscious and radically responsible concwening money?

To refrain from control of money?

Getting out of the mindset of scarcity?

If I am radically responsible, I am money.

I am what I earn and what I spend, and how I do it.

I started a one-week experiment of no money control at all. No counting change, no checking accounts, no money worries, not comparing bargains.

I set the intention, and then let go of expecting any result.

That´s what I found out in my experiment:

Very practically, when doing my taxes I realized that I am co-player in the gameworld of citizenship, and since I want to join in the privileges, taxes are one of the rules I´m playing along. My usual resistance didn´t build up and I got through fast and efficiently.

With a client, who didn’t pay his bills, his and my Gremlin interaction, my victim behaviour showed up. It needed my clearly communicated decision, sword at his throat, to not work with him under this conditions any more, and the money came in.

On spending:

It was difficult to escape my calculating consumerist mindset. Minimalist questions were helpful.

What is the purpose of my buying?

Do I need or do I want?

Can I borrow/mend it/upcycle?

How about resources, transportation, disposal, life cycle cost of the thing i want to buy? Does ist spark joy?

Being money is not about wishful thinking, or demanding abundance from the Universe.

It´s practical and simple: when being aware of the big picture of Radical Responsibility, all Low Drama sticks out from the beautifully woven background. When questioning the purpose of every action, survival mindset displays.

There is a fluidity around money. It is coming and going like the waves at a beach. Becoming aware and consciously stopping the mind grasping the concept of scarcity, I could catch a glimpse of oceanlike moving vastness.